Causes of Leg Pain

What is leg pain is actually a very common question in normal life. Because many people suffer from leg pain in different ways.
Causes of Leg Pain

Causes of Leg Pain

What is leg pain is actually a very common question in normal life. Because many people suffer from leg pain in different ways.

Leg Pain

The leg has muscles, bones, joints, nerves and veins. Leg pain can be caused by all these causes. In order to differentiate them, the legs should be evaluated by a specialist, the venous structures should be evaluated with standing Doppler ultrasound and the arterial structures should be evaluated with lying Doppler ultrasound. If there is nothing in these structures, it may be necessary to examine the joints, muscles and tendons with MRI and even to examine whether there is a herniated disc with lumbar MRI.

All these tests are ordered by the specialist after the examination and if deemed necessary. Sometimes, especially if the patient is involved in sports or is of advanced age, there may be damage to several structures that can cause pain.

To answer the question 'Why does leg pain occur?' we need to answer the question 'What is leg pain?

What is leg pain?

The question of what is leg pain is actually a very common question in normal life. Because many people suffer from leg pain in different ways. It is the pain between the ankle and the lumbar region, which can occur with standing or sitting still for a long time during the day, or it can be severe enough to cause us to stop after walking.

Leg pain can usually originate from the leg, but it can also be caused by causes that do not concern only the leg, such as heart attack, stroke, pinched nerve.

Leg pain originating from the leg can be caused by joint disorders, damage to tendons and muscles, problems arising from the lateral ligaments in the knee, gait defects, or it can also be caused by veins.

Causes of Leg Pain

Causes of Babak pain are;

  • Arteriosclerosis,
  • Varicose veins,
  • Nerve Compression
  • Lumbar Hernia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome,
  • Joint Problems,
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

Leg pain can be caused by different things, depending on the variety of tissues present. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints can cause pain, as can blood vessels. Imaging methods are used to investigate leg pain.

Pain originating from the veins can originate from the arteries, i.e. arterial system and veins, i.e. venous system. Visualization of these vessels is performed with Doppler ultrasound.

Leg Pain Treatment

When planning leg pain treatment, planning is made according to the cause of leg pain.

People's leg pain occurs with excessive movement, inactivity, carrying heavy loads, excess weight. Leg pain is caused by the leg itself. Problems in bones, joints, tendons, nerves, muscles and vessels can cause pain. Apart from these, leg pain may also occur as a symptom of diseases such as herniated disc, diabetes, restless leg syndrome, stenosis in the leg arterial system, enlargement of the leg venous vessels and varicose veins.

When a person applies to the Interventional Radiology Specialist with leg pain, imaging procedures are performed for the cause. First of all, stenosis in the arteries and dilatation in the venous vessels are detected by Doppler ultrasound. A treatment plan is drawn up for the detected condition. If the problem is caused by bones or joints, the Interventional Radiology Specialist, who is also an expert in imaging, performs and evaluates imaging related to these diseases and, if necessary, directs them to other specialties for the cause of the pain.

If the cause of pain in the leg is venous vessels, varicose veins and venous insufficiency are usually the cause of the pain. Dirty blood that should be sent to the systemic circulation accumulates in the legs. The waste substances in the blood cause pain, cramps and burning in the leg. When the legs are lifted, the pain subsides, but when the legs are shaken, the pain starts again.

If there is a problem in the venous vessels and the pain is related to this, the problem is solved immediately by the same doctor if you have already visited an Interventional Radiology Specialist. The source of the problem is identified, the venous map is removed, and the doctor performs treatment with ultrasound guidance. A thin needle, like a blood collection needle, is inserted into the vein and a laser fiber is inserted. The area around the vein is anesthetized, the vein is burned and exited. All these procedures are completed in about 1 hour. After the procedure, a thin compression stocking is worn, and compression stockings are no longer needed after 1 month at most.

If you have leg pain, do not forget to consult an Interventional Radiology Specialist!

I wish you a healthy day.


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