Breast Biopsy

Breast biopsy decisions can be made to the masses that are usually detected during mammography or breast ultrasound.

Breast biopsy is the operation of sampling the breast cells or tissue or removing the whole mass from the breast. The specimen taken from the breast is then examined by the pathologists in the laboratory. Thus, the symptoms are checked with the examination on the samples taken. Breast biopsy examines whether the cells are cancerous. The only way to show the presence of cancer is to examine samples taken by breast biopsy.

This can be done daily in the hospital environment or in the practice environment. Duration of whole breast biopsy is approximately 10-15 minutes. The patient can go home the same day after breast biopsy. Local anesthesia is used for breast biopsy. Local anesthesia does not cause pain during the procedure. In surgical biopsy procedures, the patient is completely anesthetized and given general anesthesia.

Breast biopsy was previously used only to differentiate between healthy tissue and cancerous tissue. But nowadays, the genetic structure and biology of cancer cells by biopsy can be demonstrated and the growth rate of the tumor, the possibility of spread to other organs (metastasis) and what kind of treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.) will be effective and even which types of drugs will be more effective.

Fine Needle Biopsy

A fine needle aspiration biopsy that takes only a few minutes is a simple operation. During this process, a thin needle is inserted into the breast tissues and the liquid and cell sample is taken from the inside. It is used in the liquid filled lesions, which are called cysts, for removing fluid and for sampling. Normally, this method is not used to sample the masses of breast cancer suspected of cancer.

Thick Needle Biopsy (Trucut)

One of the sampling methods in breast tissue is thick needle biopsy. The sample taken with this method is about the size of the rice. It is a painless method with ultrasound guidance after local anesthesia is applied. Breast biopsy is completed within a few minutes. After the patient has been observed for a while after the procedure, the passenger is taken. Breast biopsy with a high diagnostic value is extremely comfortable for the patient. There may be mild bruising in the breast biopsy. But this does not last long.

Vacuum Biopsy

After the nozzle is fixed at a certain angle by means of a probe attached to the vacuum device, the sample is taken from the nozzle. In this method, the small incision in the breast is much smaller than the incision in the surgical biopsy. After this operation, a very small scar remains, no suture is required.

Surgical Biopsy

Surgical biopsy is the process of removing some or all of the suspected mass from the breast tissue. Examination of the parts taken by the pathologists in the laboratory is investigated whether the mass is cancerous or not. Surgical biopsy is performed when a satisfactory result is not obtained despite needle biopsy.

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