I have neither pain nor vascular prominence

Ne ağrı ne de damar belirginliğim kalmadı

Before I came to the clinic, I was very nervous and had hesitations about both the pandemic and the procedure to be performed. However, the hygiene of your examination was very reassuring when I first arrived. Then the examination and then the intervention...

I had previously been treated 3 times for varicose veins on the scale of surgery. However, it occurred again. The intervention was completed as a result of your single-session intervention accompanied by your beautiful conversation. I came with my pain complaint. At the end of 1 month, neither pain nor vascular prominence remained. Thank you very much for everything. I was always afraid that it would happen again. Now, if it happens again, my address is clear, I am very happy that I will not experience that uneasiness... I am endlessly grateful... Sincerely regards


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