I was unable to walk on a flat road, I could not stand up and now I can run without any problem.

Düz yolda yürüyemez durumdaydım ayakta duramıyordum ve şuan hiçbir sorun olmadan koşabiliyorum

Your smiling face, your understanding, your sincerity, everything was very nice. Even on the first day I came with fear, you made me so comfortable that everything has been very, very good since the first day and I recovered very quickly. I am very satisfied, thank you very much. It was thanks to you that I recovered so quickly, teacher, health to your hands.

First of all, thank you very much for everything. I was unable to walk on the straight road, I could not stand and now I can run without any problems. I can't thank you enough. I say and recommend to everyone the only doctor I entrust myself to with my eyes closed and I am very satisfied.


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