I would also like to mention that I reached him with references and comments

Ben de referans ve yorumlarla kendisine ulaştığımı belirtmek isterim

My love and respect to Mr. R. Türkgüler;

First of all, I would like to state that I reached him with references and comments. Previously, I tried to get rid of the large and small varicose veins on my legs with the laser method and I could not get results in the face of 2 years of labor and financial expense. After the failure of these procedures, I reached Rengin Hanim with the research I did after the failure of these procedures and I surrendered myself to her expertise, I am writing the process with the articles so that it can be useful to everyone.

  1. Laser treatment was applied in other centers for years and no results were obtained.
  2. I reached Ms. Rengin and as a result of the examination, she applied scleteropy on both legs on May 30-31.
  3. On January 6, no additional application was found to be necessary and there were no visible bruises and varicose veins in the application areas.

What did I pay attention to as a patient?

A) I wore my compression stockings after the application for the period specified by Ms. Rengin. I even did not take them off for the first 2 nights.

B) I applied the oils and creams she gave regularly.

C) I washed my legs with cold water after each bath and left. I did not stay in the bathroom for 15 days after the application, I did not take a hot bath.

D) I always wore compression stockings for long journeys and when I was going to sit for a long time.


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