Hair Mesotherapy

A portion of about 40 to 80 strands of hair of a healthy person is poured every day. This way the hair renews itself and we have healthy hair in this way. We are not faced with the problem of baldness due to the wires coming out of the hairs instead of the spilled hair. However, we can say that there is a problem of hair loss when the balance is broken between the number of hairs and the number of hairs.

When the hair is not replaced by the same number of hairs, supporting the hair follicles is of great importance. Failure to support hair follicles leads to the emergence of baldness.

The option of mesotherapy for hair removal instead of spilled hair is an important solution offered by modern medicine. Mesotherapy provides direct drug support to the problematic area. This is a much more effective way of oral medication than oral administration. Because there is a long way to go to reach the scalp of a drug taken orally. This includes the entire circulatory system starting from the digestive tract. In mesotherapy, the situation is easier and faster.

Remedy for Mesotherapy with Spilled Hair

Drugs that have been developed as a solution to the problem of hair loss caused by the inability of the hair follicles as described above. Hair mesotherapy by hair injected into the hair follicles with a fine needle provides solution to hair loss.

Hair Mesotherapy;

Nourishes the hair follicles and revitalizes them.
Reduces hair loss. Strengthens existing hair.
It allows new ones to replace spilled hair.
Increases hair density.
Increases hair quality.

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