What is Foam Therapy?

Foam therapy is one of the most common treatment methods recently. The important thing is to see which veins are associated with varicose veins by ultrasound and to apply the procedure accordingly. If the thin veins associated with the large vein are to be treated, it is necessary to make a tourniquet close to the connection site and to walk the patient after the procedure.

Varicose Veins Treatment with Foam

Varicose Veins Treatment with Foam Ankara

Foam varicose vein treatment is applied to the side branches of the large vein closed with laser or to more superficial thin varicose veins.

The aim of foam varicose vein treatment is to burn the inner surface of the vein, i.e. the endothelium, to ensure that the vein adheres. While large veins are closed with heat energy in laser varicose vein treatment, thin veins are closed chemically by using drugs during foam varicose vein treatment.

In cases where laser varicose vein treatment alone is not sufficient, we perform varicose vein treatment with foam.

Because if the small side branches associated with the large vein closed with laser are not closed, they may expand or open again. For this reason, varicose vein treatment with foam as a complementary treatment also increases the effectiveness.

Foam Varicose Veins Treatment for Side Branches

After laser varicose vein treatment, if the side branches are to be treated or if there is insufficiency in the connecting veins, which we call perforating veins, foamy varicose vein treatment is performed under ultrasound guidance. In other words, the procedure should be performed under ultrasound guidance to close the veins that are invisible from the surface but are the main source of the problem.

The drug produced for this procedure is turned into foam and injected into the vein under ultrasound guidance. In this way, the inner surface of the vein is chemically burned and the vein adheres and closes. Thinner, more superficial capillaries are injected visually. The treatment is performed while the patient is awake and without anesthesia. The patient arrives on foot and leaves on foot immediately after the treatment.

Varicose veins can be terminated with foam treatment!

Varicose veins is a disease that can be treated with foam therapy. Foam treatment is understood by some patients as a procedure performed by applying superficial foam. However, the procedure is performed by injection into the vein through a very thin needle.

Foam therapy in varicose veins is a popular treatment that has recently increased in importance. However, its application by specialized interventional radiologists increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Otherwise, it may cause more harm than good.

Varicose Veins Foam Treatment Harms

All effects and side effects found in laser varicose vein treatment among varicose vein treatment methods are minimized in foam treatment. Depending on the local density of the veins, bruising, discoloration, small necrotic areas may occur. All these changes completely resolve within 1 to 3 months.

Intensive foam sclerotherapy is a type of treatment that completely eliminates varicose veins and small veins. The technique involves applying a sclerosing substance called Polidocanol in foam form directly to varicose veins until they disappear.

Foam sclerotherapy is effective on microvessels and varicose veins up to 2 mm in size and completely eliminates them. In varicose veins of larger caliber, this treatment may not give the best result, but more than 1 application on the same varicose can reduce its size, which is necessary.

It is important that this procedure is examined once by the radiologist and its location is indicated to avoid complications.

Sclerotherapy Price with Foam

The price of each session of Foam Sclerotherapy depends on the area to be treated and the amount of varicose veins.

The number of sessions also depends on the amount of varicose veins to be treated, usually 3-4 sessions are recommended.

How to treat varicose veins with foam?

Treatment of varicose veins with foam is relatively simple. It is performed in the doctor's office without the need for hospitalization or anesthesia. Although it is a simple procedure and there are no complications, it is important that foam sclerotherapy is performed by a specialist doctor, preferably an interventional radiologist.

The treatment consists of inserting the needle into the vein with the help of ultrasound and injecting the medicine in the form of foam, which causes the vein to close and redirect the blood, improving blood circulation.

After treatment with foam application, it is recommended that the person wear elastic compression stockings to improve venous insufficiency and reduce the chance of new varicose veins forming. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure to avoid staining of the treated area. If necessary, sunscreen should be used throughout the treated area.

Risks of Foam Sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy is a safe procedure and has low risks, which may notice minor local changes related to the foam application, for example burning, swelling or redness of the area that passes within a few hours. In some very rare cases;

  • Clots reaching the lung,
  • Allergic reaction,
  • The formation of wounds that are difficult to heal.

Sclerotherapy can have some consequences, such as deep vein thrombosis and embolism, which can cause clots to move through the body and reach, for example, the lungs. In addition, there may be a severe allergic reaction, the formation of hard-to-heal wounds or hyperpigmentation of the area. But this is very, very unlikely.

Is varicose vein treatment with foam the last cure?

The elimination of varicose veins and small veins with foam sclerotherapy is practically certain. Because the treated vein will not form varicose veins again, but other varicose veins may appear, as they may have a hereditary characteristic.

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