What is Renal Ultrasound?

Renal ultrasound is also known as kidney ultrasound and this test is quite easy for the patient.

For this examination, the patient is first laid back and ultrasound gel is applied to the abdomen and the ultrasound probe is used to look at the kidneys by ultrasound. During renal ultrasound, the patient may be asked to rotate sideways. The aim here is to display the kidney and surrounding tissues from different angles.

During renal ultrasound, the patient is also prone to a prone position. Renal ultrasound is performed to examine not only the kidneys but also the bladder and the bladder between the kidney and the bladder.

Renal Ultrasound Applied By Radiology Specialists

This examination is usually requested by urologists, and the procedure is performed by Radiology Specialist Doctors. The patient should not be hungry before this examination is performed.

Urine must be tightened before renal ultrasound.

Renal Before the ultrasound, the patient should come to drink water and collect urine in the bladder. The bladder must be filled in so that it can be examined. Renal During renal ultrasound, kidney stones can be detected, as well as changes in the kidney caused by infection.

The size of the kidney stone to be detected when renal ultrasound is performed and the location in the kidney is determined.

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